Actions of 310th Inf. / 78th US.Infantry Division
"Lightning Division"

April 1945

In March 1945

Comander: Major General Parker

Regt. 309 Colonel Ondrick
Regt. 310 Lietenant Colonel Hayes
Regt. 311 Colonel Chester M. Willingham

Stations in March

1. - 2. March = Schmidt
The Roer-River was crossed, move into new positions at Vettweis, against heavy resistance Weilerweis, Kloster Mariawald and Langendorf were captured.

3.- 4. March = Heimbach
Lommersum, Merzenich, Sinzenich, Groß- and Klein Büllesheim were lost for the germans, through Sniperfire moved into Euskirchen.

4. - 5. March = Fusenich
The advance goes on, at the end, the first troops cross the Erft.

5. - 6. March = Euskirchen
Euskirchen is cleared. Through Meckenheim march to Adendorf, Arzdorf and Rheinbach.

6. - 7. March = Rheinbach
1. Battalion captured Villich, Pech, Holzem and Berkum against light resistance and was then ordered, to move at Remagen and prepare to cross the Rhine-River. The remaining parts of the regiment cleared Heimerzheim and Bad Neuenahr.

8. - 10. March = Bad Neuenahr
At 4.30 the 1st Battalion crossed as first Unit of an Infantry Division the Rhine-River and starts with Attacks to the south. Kasbach and Ockenfels were captured. the 2nd Battalion moved into new positions at Heimerzheim, the 3rd Battalion cleared the High Ground south of Neuenahr.

10. - 16. March = Kasbach
The remainig parts of the regiment were moved across the Rhine and stand in Fightings with the german Troops, wich try to clear the Bridgehead. Till 16. March the regiment moved on against german infantry and dig in Tanks up to Königswinter and Honnef.

17. - 21. March = Siebengebirge
Against light resistance, the regiment moved to Oberdollendorf.

21. - 31. March = Bechlinghoven
Hangelar, Airfield Hangelar, Niederpleis, Menden, Siegburg-Mulldorf were captured. On 25. March there will be a heavy battle against a german strongpoint. First patrols were sent across the Sieg-River. Trainings to use the german Panzerfaust.


1. March 1st Bn attached to CCB 9th Armd Div.
  3rd Bn attached to CCA 9th Armd Div.
2. March 2nd Bn attached to 311th Inf.
3. March 2nd Bn detached 311th Inf, attached to 309th Inf.
Cannon Co. attached to 903rd FA Bn at 08.45, back
to 310th at 18.45
5. March 2nd Bn attached to CCA 9th Armd Div.
8. March 2nd Bn reverted 310th Inf
3rd Bn reverted 310th Inf
10. March 2nd Bn attached to 47th Inf
52nd AIB attached to 310th Inf
11. March Co B 983rd TD Bn attached to 310th Inf
Co B 774th TD Bn attached to 310th Inf
2nd Bn reverted to Regimental control
12. March 1st Bn detached from CCB, attched to 311th Inf
14. March 2nd Bn became 78th Div. reserve
16. March Co G attached to 311th Inf
52nd AIB detached
17. March 1st Bn reverted to 310th Inf
Co G reverted to 310th Inf
2nd Bn reverted to 310th Inf
3rd Bn reverted to 310th Inf
60th AIB attached to 310th Inf at 15.00, detached at 22.00
22. March Co B 774 TD Bn detached
23. March Co B 893 TD Bn detached
24. March Co B 893 attached to 310th Inf
Co B 774 attached to 310th Inf

Number of Prisoners:
579, which includes 10 officers.

Regimental personell on the 31 March 1945
150 officers ----- 3194 Men

Commanding Officers

1st Batallion Major Boggs Robinson ?
2nd Batallion Major Henry Hardenbergh
3rd Batallion Major Walter Pierce
Co A 1st Lt. Millard Durham
AT Co 1st Lt. William Carlson
Co B Captain Mitchel Hope
Co C Captain Joe Ashmore
Co Hq 1st Lt. Leonard Dileanis
Co E Captain Clyde Baden
Co F Captain William Edmunds
Co G Captain William Smith
Co H 1st Lt. Lloyd Howard
Co I Captain James Bonner
Co L Captain Ross Barzeley
Co M 1st Lt. David Stout

Registered Graves = 94

The Fightings in April 1945